Why ValueShield®

FACT: Accidents happen...it's a part of life.

FACT: Once damaged, even a properly repaired vehicle can lose up to 30% of its value. This loss of value is called diminished value.

FACT: Diminished value occurs whether the accident is your fault or not.

FACT: Insurance will pay to repair your vehicle, but will not protect its value.

FACT: There are generally fewer buyers willing to purchase vehicles that were in accidents.

FACT: You're more likely to want to trade in your vehicle after it's been in an accident.

Think about it…would you want to buy a car if you knew it had been wrecked?

Unfortunately, once your vehicle has been in an accident it's worth less money - as much as 30% less - even if the accident wasn't your fault. This loss of value is called diminished value. And, while auto insurance will pay to repair your vehicle, auto insurance will not protect the value of your vehicle. This is why you need ValueShield®.

Your Vehicle's "Report Card"
With services like CARFAX® - that report on a vehicle's history - it's very easy for the next buyer to know whether your vehicle has been in an accident. This can make it difficult to find a buyer for your vehicle. It's a big problem that affects millions of people every year. This is why you need ValueShield®.

Example of how ValueShield® works:
Trade-in value of your vehicle after an accident:
Without ValueShield®
With ValueShield®

(For illustrative purposes only. Individual experiences may vary.)

ValueShield® costs just pennies a day.

ValueShield® works with your dealer to help increase the trade-in value of your vehicle by up to $10,000.*

Finding a buyer for a previously wrecked vehicle can be difficult and inconvenient. But not if you have ValueShield®.

Ask your dealer about ValueShield® today. *Programs of $5,000 and $10,000 available.

*ValueShield® is not insurance. ValueShield® is a contract for the sale and purchase of a motor vehicle for a price tied to an index subject to certain terms and conditions. The information provided in this brochure is intended to provide only a general description of ValueShield®, should not be considered comprehensive, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for the actual ValueShield® contract wording. Refer to the contract wording for the complete terms and conditions.

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